The PumaCode.FileParsers classes will be a lightweight framework for converting various file types (fixed-width or delimited text, CSV, Excel) to strongly-typed .NET objects. Think of it as a data object layer for files instead of a database.

About This Project

This assembly is in its very early stages of development. I am constantly refactoring the interface and everything is subject to change.

This project was inspired by the FileHelpers Library, but after coding a bit on that library I found it wasn't "C-sharpy" enough for my tastes. I really like the idea of using Attributes to markup a user-defined class with the information necessary to pull in data from a file, but I felt some serious refactoring was necessary.

In particular, I plan to use events to allow users to hook into the process to perform their own formatting and line-based decisions, rather than try to implement attributes to cover everything.

Source Code

To browse the source code for this project, use the Browse Source link from the top link bar.

To check out the source code using svn, use the following command:

svn checkout http://svn.pumacode.org/repos/fileparsers/trunk/ fileparsers

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