Welcome to the Precept project

Precept will be a Visual Studio 2005 add-in to allow the creation of .vssettings files on a per-solution basis, thus allowing various IDE settings to be changed depending on which Solution is currently open.

My motivation here is that different open-source projects often have different coding standards and style guidelines, but Visual Studio only allows these settings to be made per user. Visual Studio 2005 added the concept of a "Team Settings" file, but only one such file can be set per user.

The initial functionality (which is already almost complete) will check for a file named "Precept.vssettings" in the same directory as a Solution and, if it exists, import its settings when that Solution is opened, keeping a temporary copy of the previous settings. When the Solution is closed, the previous settings will be reloaded from the temporary copy.

A helpful example.

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