The following resources will help you get up to speed on Svn.NET.


There is currently no online documentation at this point. You'll just need to browse the Subversion API documentation. The svn_client documentation is particularly relevant, as the SvnClient.cs class mirrors it very closely.

You may also find the APR API documentation useful.

Mailing List

For help using Svn.NET, please send questions to the mailing list. You must first subscribe to the list in order to post.

To subscribe, please visit:

You can also browse the mailing list archives.


The SubversionSharp developers have created a forum for the Svn.NET branch at the following URL:


Following are examples of projects that use Svn.NET or SubversionSharp. Until we have better documentation for this library, they are your best resource for example C# code. If you have an open source project that uses Svn.NET or SubversionSharp, please send an email to the mailing list and I'll add it here.

  • SVNExpert: a Subversion client GUI written in C#. You can also browse the source for SVNExpert online, or check out its source code:
svn checkout svnexpert recommends CVSDude for fast, professional Subversion and Trac hosting:

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