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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created
#62 also detect UNPIN/PIN situations if the multiple files where unpinned/pinned in one go vss2svn.pl 0.10.0 defect toby 07/09/2007


Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created
#29 Don't break execution of the script if no XML file was generated due to a broken physical file vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect toby * 05/05/2006
#30 After the conversion all versions have the same content ssphys.exe 0.11.0 defect luedi 05/10/2006
#35 Preserve the binary flag during sharing, rename and other organizational activities vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect toby 06/07/2006
#36 Handle partial MOVEs vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect toby 06/07/2006
#39 Do not die() on ssphys error vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect toby * 08/15/2006
#41 Check for deletion of root directory vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect toby * 09/15/2006
#42 Prevent same file from being added twice vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect toby 10/11/2006
#46 Output distinct error message if ssphys does not run vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect toby 01/22/2007
#50 Fix wrong deleting order vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect toby 04/17/2007
#14 Better support for handling corrupted physical files vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 enhancement toby * 03/21/2006
#34 recovering a project will not recover modifyed childs vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 enhancement toby 06/04/2006
#38 Archive Versions of File (Action 20) vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 enhancement toby 07/29/2006
#8 automatic vss database manipulation can be done within the same second vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect toby * 03/13/2006
#15 properties command does not give any output ssphys.exe 0.11.0 defect luedi 03/21/2006
#28 moved methods defined in SSItemInfoObject.h to SSItemInfoObject.cpp ssphys.exe 0.11.0 defect luedi 04/15/2006
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