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#29 Don't break execution of the script if no XML file was generated due to a broken physical file vss2svn.pl 0.10 defect 05/05/2006

currently the converter does not check, whether the XML file was actually created from the ssphys command. The return value of the execution is ignored. This will lead to an abortion of the script since the file can not be found. See also http://www.pumacode.org/projects/vss2svn/browser/trunk/script/vss2svn.pl?rev=219#L245

#39 Do not die() on ssphys error vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect 08/15/2006

The script currently dies if ssphys exits with a nonzero status. It should instead continue on and report the error as with other errors.

#41 Check for deletion of root directory vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect 09/15/2006

A user reported an error in which the root directory was deleted in the dumpfile which caused an error during load. Check for cases in which the root directory is deleted or created and filter these out.

#14 Better support for handling corrupted physical files vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 enhancement 03/21/2006

Currently, corrupted physical files will result in garbled data for filenames. If this happens, the program will currently fail when trying to create these files. It should instead create a "restored" area where file fragments, etc. can be placed into version control without being lost permanently.

#8 automatic vss database manipulation can be done within the same second vss2svn.pl 0.11.0 defect 03/13/2006

I wrote a few test scripts to simulate some buggy behavoir. The scripts are that fast in changing the database, that more than two actions have the same timestamp. This resulted in a messed up timesequence of actions. As long as we have to deal with user interactions, there shouldn't be any problem, but if someone has some build scripts, that manipulate the vss database ....

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