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VSS top level labels

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Reported by: luedi Assigned to: toby
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I've been trying to use vss2svn to migrate our VSS repository to SVN. However, our repository has over 1000 top level labels (of $\) which are added by our automated build process. As indicated in the thread about "Label support", you are aware that this leads to over 2000 levels of nesting of the labels folder. E.g.

       ... (2000 levels of nesting)

The obvious solution to this is to (optionally) place the repository in a subfolder. E.g.


Where $\ maps to trunk\.

I've had a look at the scripts in the hope of making the modification myself (and of course passing it back), but I'm not really familiar enough with perl or the vss2svn scripts to work out what needs changing. Could you either give me an outline of what I need to change, or take this as an enhancement request?

(I imagine there are various stages at which the "trunk" bit could be inserted, but someone else probably has a feeling for the best stage to add it. Would it work to do a simple minded thing in the Node module, adding "trunk" to the start of the paths if and only if they don't begin with "labels"?)

Change History

01/19/2007 06:40:47 PM: Modified by luedi

  • status changed from new to closed.
  • resolution set to fixed.

I have added a new "--trunkdir" command line switch in [276]. You can use it to map the VSS Project Root to any other directory, e.g. "--trunkdir="/trunk". The labels are still mapped to "/labels" without the trunkdir prefix.

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