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better label mapping possibilities

Status: closed (fixed)

Reported by: luedi Assigned to: toby
Priority: minor Milestone: 0.11.0
Component: vss2svn.pl Version:
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In case when there are a lot of labels, the simple copy to a "labels" directory will flood this directories with tons of labels. In most cases multiple labels belong to a specific group and could be mapped to a different folder, so that there is some ordering in the labeling.

This mapping should be customizeable by the user.

Change History

07/09/2007 06:05:10 PM: Modified by luedi

  • status changed from new to closed.
  • resolution set to fixed.

In order to have full flexibility, a new INI style file can be specified on the commandline. In the ini file mutliple regular expressions and a destination path are specified. If the label matches a regular expression, the label will be mapped to the specified path, e.g. in case of the following INI-File

^0\.9\..* = /tags/dev/0.9/
^1\.0\..* = /maint/1.0/
^1\.2\..* = /maint/1.2/

All labels that match the regular expression ^0\.9\..* are mapped to the path /tags/dev/0.9/, e.g. the label 0.9.1 is mapped to /tags/dev/0.9/0.9.1.

The list for possible matches is searched in the order of appearance and the search will terminate with the first hit. If now hit is found, the label is mapped to the /labels directory.

If you specify a relative path, this will be created under the labels_dir /labels

The ini-file is specified on the command line with the "--label_mapper" directive

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