Welcome to the Vss2Svn project.

Welcome to the new Trac site for the Vss2Svn project.

About This Project

vss2svn is a Perl script (vss2svn.pl) and accompanying C program (ssphys.exe) to migrate revision history from a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) database to a Subversion repository.

This combination of programs was designed by reverse-engineering the backend database structure of Microsoft's VSS repository. In doing so, we have made progress towards overcoming the inability of even Microsoft's own API to properly recover deep history from VSS. This also means that you don't actually need a copy of VSS or its libraries to convert your repository.

How To Convert Your VSS Repository To Subversion

You may have noticed that, unlike most open-source projects, this site does not have an attention-grabbing "Download" link prominently displayed on the homepage, and there is no "Quick Start" guide for the impatient. That's because converting your VSS repository is not a "grab and run" process. It requires you to understand a bit about how the process works, what your choices are, and what results you can expect.

The following sections will describe how to convert your VSS repository to Subversion.

  1. Download and install Vss2Svn
  2. Optional: Download and install ssphys
  3. Running the migration

See also the Glossary to understand the terms used within this project.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the FAQ.

Mailing List

For help using vss2svn, please send questions to the mailing list. You must first subscribe to the list in order to post.

To subscribe, please visit: http://lists.pumacode.org/mailman/listinfo/vss2svn-users-lists.pumacode.org

You can search the mailing list archive, or access news (NNTP) and web feed (RSS) versions of it from its Gmane interface.

Vss2Svn Source Code

To browse the source code for this project, use the Browse Source link from the top link bar.

To check out the source code using svn, use the following command:

svn checkout http://svn.pumacode.org/repos/vss2svn/trunk/ vss2svn

For other information about this repository, see Vss2SvnRepository.

Old Site

This project was formerly hosted on the tigris.org project site. However, any files remaining on that site are outdated and deprecated.

PumaCode.org recommends CVSDude for fast, professional Subversion and Trac hosting:


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