Visual SourceSafe

in short VSS, a source control application from Microsoft.

Phyiscal file
VSS is a simple custom database, where the history of each item is stored in a concrete file, called physical file. See also the ss physical command.
VSS archive
a VSS database is also called an archive. See equivalent term for Subversion is the repository.
VSS commands
the command line commands you can use to modify your VSS archive, e.g add, checkin, share, branch, ...
VSS Item
VSS can manage projects (alias directories) and files. The term item is the umbralla term.
VSS Action
each command is translated into a specific action in the history of the apropriate item.
VSS Version
In Subversion, this is the new state of the filesystem tree just after a commit.
In Subversion, this refers to the storage of information in files and directories (the filesystem tree), and all changes to that information tracked over time.
A command line utility that is capable to read and decode the VSS physical files. See also SsPhys.
In Subversion, when changes in your working copy are sent to the repository.
working copy
In Subversion, a local copy of a revision of a repository. A user may make changes to this local copy and publish (commit) these changes. recommends CVSDude for fast, professional Subversion and Trac hosting:

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